Month: March, 2015

Streetart Brooklyn and NYC Pt.1

Wow. Just…

I ❤ the one with the car doors.

F'ing wow.


So, first post.

I decided to start with my favorite topic, streetart of Brooklyn and New York City. I walked like a lot through town in the first two weeks of march 2015. I walked through snow, through rain, through sunshine. Alone and with friends. And I took some photos.

Truth be told: I didn’t enjoy New York it as much as the first time. It was a good time, but some times I felt alone and lonely, but watching some art that came from the streets and for the streets cheered me up quite a bit!

First part, here it comes the snowy day in Williamsburg


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To Review or Not to Review

I’m thinking about reviewing stuff.

Not sure what.

Just stuff.



Or maybe I’ll just blog about reviewing stuff.

And never actually review anything?