Drinking Lessons: V.1

by elbeanie

So, I was out with friends – let’s just say we were in a city that wasn’t my residence and has no public transportation – and we ran into a few old friends.  One of the previously mentioned ‘old friends’ happened to be one of my exboyfriends from years ago and we were a little flirty, but since he had a girlfriend (and I had no interest in rekindling the relationship) it never went past flirting.  Anyway, we were all having a good laugh bringing up old times and talking about how stupid we had been (some things never change) when my girlfriends that I had arrived with decided to head back into the city I told them to go ahead and take off without me.  I was having way too good of a time to leave that very moment – so when my exboyfriend suggested that I hang out longer and sleep on his girlfriend’s sister’s couch, I thought that would be a great idea (some alcohol may have been involved in this decision).  They took off and I continued on my merry little way…

An hour or two later, the bartender announced last call and we all started to walk back to said exboyfriend’s girlfriend’s sister’s apartment.  When we arrived, we all walked up the steps and my ex opened the door.  I was introduced and although I was not introduced as an exgirlfriend, apparently there had been some discussion about me in the past – the current girlfriend immediately recognized my name and said ‘hell no’ to me crashing on her sister’s couch.  My ex put up a little bit of a fight, but you could tell he was whipped… so I was in deep shit.  My drunk-ass was kicked out of the apartment with no place to sleep.  Luckily, it was rather warm out, so I sat on the apartment’s lawn for awhile trying to figure out what the ‘f I was going to do.  Around 3:30am I decided to try my step-brother and see if he could come get me.  Luckily he was able to pick me up and I ended up crashing at his place… but it was still a crazy night and a lesson learned.

If you are planning on crashing on your exboyfriend’s girlfriend’s sister’s couch after drinking all night in a bar far away from your home with no public transportation, make sure that your exboyfriend contacts his girlfriend and gets the ‘OK’ BEFORE telling your friends they are fine to leave without you.